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Overzicht belangrijkste nieuwe features en nieuwigheden in SE V8.

V8 Korte samenvatting


EdgeBar: new simplified User Interface for:

        Assembly: pathfinder, Part Library, Design-Assistant

        Part: Feature pathfinder, Feature Library, Family of Parts

          Draft: Symbol Library, Groups, Layers

Gradient background

Display Performance: Faster Fit, repaint, etc.

Windows standard File dialogs

HTML Help and Locate tips

Rotate about view center


Cognitive Assembly Design


Inter-part Associativity:

Enables geometric associativity between parts

Inter-part manager: Review and modify inter-part relationships

Eliminates grounded part limitation

Intelligent include in Profile.

Place part usability         

       Drag and Drop via EdgeBar initiates part placement      

       Live Preview

       FlashFit: rapid placement – drag and solve

       Capture Fit: Teach Part relationship info for faster placement

       One click option to skip select part and OK steps


 “Simply Motion”: Integrated Kinematics analysis          

       Mechanical joints              

       Range of motion            

       Interference detection

      Automatic joint creation

       Included with every copy of Solid Edge at no charge

       Upgrade to Dynamic Designer can be purchased from MDI


Assembly Relationships

       Separate axial align and planar align commands

       Flip mate to align

       Suppress relationship

       Connect relationships with offset


Large Assembly Performance


       Improved display and dynamic view manipulation


Sheet Metal


Bend lines for flat pattern in drawing

Enhanced change notification


Design Assistants - Sensors


Sheet Metal: minimum distance between sheet metal features.     

Minimum Distance:

       Within a Part

       Part to Part

Variable Table Sensors

User defined sensor through VB interface  




Drawing performance:

- Serial load  reduces memory consumption during drawing view creation, increases maximum drawing size, and improves performance via reduced thrashing.

- Drawing view using configuration: only loads necessary parts

- Change snapshot view accuracy via user input Select by color, width, line type, element type


          Define and place by origin

          Library Interface via EdgeBar

Stretch contents of fence          

Coordinate dimension overhaul         

Surface texture improved UI and  JIS support"        

Text: and aspect ratio

Parts List enhancements         

          Option to list subassembly as one item

          Exclude selected item from parts list

          Balloon only shown parts

          List only ballooned parts

          Seed item number

Hidden line for interfering bodies            

Hide all occurrences of part in drawing view

Highlight part in drawing view

ABC update message: child out of date notification

Dimension relative to a local coordinate system




Arc segment        

End treatments: Expand, Reduce, Close, Flange


Split path             

API: Tube by XYZ points

Usability: Tube command loops





Intelligent include in Profile.

Thin Region: Improved Reliability

          Capping with construction surfaces


          Unlimited guide curves

          Unlimited sections


-          Non-tangent paths              

          Section anywhere along the path 

Improved Hole Interface

Save and exit unfinished profile

Nested profiles

Addressed jumping dimensions in Profile

Chain select from sketch

Improved include command supports more input types and handles topology changes

True offset constraint in sketch.




Save construction surfaces to X_T, UG         

Direct Pro/E translator       

AutoCAD import/export wizard             

Save as XGL for RealityWave


Feature recognizer


Enhanced automatic recognition

Interactive feature recognizer:

          User is able to assist recognition of more complex cases. Move this to section below.

Feature recognizer on UG parts


Software Development Kit (SDK)


New add in manager for loading and unloading third party applications

Improved help with examples

Improved API coverage across all areas of the product


Windows 2000




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