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VisualNastran Desktop is MSC.Working Knowledge's threedimensional viewing, authoring and simulation product line for CAD engineering and marketing environments(Windows95, Windows98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT). VisualNastran Desktop products combine advanced motion simulation and stress analysis technology with sophisticated, easy-to-use authoring and presentation capabilities.

visualNastran Desktop products are designed to suit all of your needs, from annotating CAD files to authoring professional presentations to building prototypes and running real world simulations with functional modeling capabilities. The visualNastran Desktop platform consists of five products for Collaboritive Simultation:

VisualNastran View gives you quick access to almost any CAD assembly file.You can manipulate product views, measure and markup part dimensions and redline prototype assemblies.You can also playback simulations from any other visualNastran Desktop product. An integrated viewer opens these 3D CAD file types: MSC.Nastran Output (XDB), STL, SAT (ACIS), IGES, SLDASM, SLDPRT, Parasolid and STEP formats. MSC.Nastran Output files of many types can be viewed, as can AVI animation. A 2D viewer lets you acces DXF, DWG, BMP, TIF, GIF and other graphics files.
VisualNastran Studio extends View features with photorealistic rendering and keyframed animation, including support for multiple cameras, lighting techniques and an axploding parts feature.These professional post-production capabilities make possible outstanding presetations for product roll-outs and trade show demos.
VisualNastran Motion includes all the Studio features plus professional modeling and simulation capabilities. Build native models with advanced components such as conveyors, bushing constraints and much more. You can also link to geometry created in your favourite CAD environment. A rigorous, automatic constraint mapping angine assures tight, reliable translations from the widest variety of CAD packages. Then test your design-visualNastran Motion's dynamic simulation engine applies real-world Newtonian mechanics to desktop computer simulations. An extensive analytical tool set includes meters, tables and tabular data support.
VisualNastran Desktop FEA  includes all the Studio features plus structural analysis capabilities. You can link to parts and assemblies from your favorite CAD system through CAD integration, or import geometry in a wide variety of standard formats such as ACIS, Parasolid, STEP and IGES. Perform stress, buckling or vibration simulations on solid parts and assemblies. VisualNastran Desktop FEA also includes the visulNastran Inside technology for maximum productivity with the latest versions of Mechanical Desktop, Solid Edge ans Solid Works. VisualNastran Inside is a design and analys tool that incorporates automated simulations techniques   into your native CAD environment.ViusalNastran Inside allows you to conduct stress, vibration, buckling and heat transfer simulations and optimization studies of solid models. It uses the solid geometry you create and applies finite element analysis (FEA) technology and the power of MSC.Nastran to perform the analyses and then help you evaluate the results using criteria such as material strength, maximum allowable stresses, or desired factor os safety.
VisualNastranD is MSC.Working Knowledge's ultimate mechanical simulation platform. VisualNastran 4D integrates the technologies of the motion and FEA products into a single Functional Modeling system, so you can peform integrated dynamic motion and FEA simulations on your assemblies in one program, without intermediate files or links to third-party programs. Calculated loads are automatically transferred from assembly mates and joints to the model parts for a more accurate FEA simulation. VisualNastran 4D has integrated and associative links to the latest versions of CAD-software. It alse provides for data transfer in standard formats, including STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES and STL. VisualNastran 4D includes all of the simulation, animation and collaborative capabilities of the rest of the VisualNastran Desktop product family.

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