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Product Description: 
EdgeCAM is the latest generation of Windows NT and Windows 95-based off-line programming software for CNC machining. Object-orientated techniques provide a simple interface using familiar production engineering terms. EdgeCAM is both quick and consistent in operation, needing few commands to achieve the desired result, thereby reducing error when preparing or modifying CNC programs. 

Version 3.5 of EdgeCAM supports the direct opening of Solid Edge Files

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NC Programming System

A complete manufacturing solution that caters for all programming needs

2.5 & 3 Axis Milling

Surface, Rotary and Multiplane Machining

2 and 4 Axis Wire EDM

2, 4 and C & Y Axis Turning

Eliminates the need for learning and maintaining several systems

Maximises Programming efficiency

Operational programming reduces user input

Integration with SolidEdge

Either through

Linking or Embedding solid model via OLE for D&M


by directly loading the .PAR file

Ensuring model integrity

Maintaining a high degree of accuracy

The first Solid Edge Premium Partner in the CAM sector



EdgeCAM Solid Machinist for Parasolid™

The easiest and most productive way to machine your solid designs

EdgeCAM Solid Machinist- The future of engineering design is solids and once again EdgeCAM leads the industry with EdgeCAM Solid Machinist - the definitive solid machining system. Solid Machinist loads a Parasolid design exactly as it was created by the CAD system. Using innovative features such as Automatic Feature Recognition, Technology Assistant and Code Wizard, a comprehensive machining strategy and NC code can be generated - right first time.

EdgeCAM Solid Machinist provides you with the perfect solution for manufacturing your Parasolid designs.

EdgeCAM Solid Machinist for Parasolid works with the intelligence contained within Parasolid solid model, allowing you to machine parts
without time consuming and intelligence-stripping translation.

EdgeCAM Solid Machinist for Parasolid develops your toolpaths directly from the Parasolid design model exactly as it was created in the design environment. Design changes are easily accommodated with toolpath to solid model associativity.
EdgeCAM Solid Machinist for Parasolid reduces design to manufacture time, reduces costs involved in manufacturing 3D solid models, eliminates the risk of data-corruption and automates the NC programming process.

Parasolid designed ...

... EdgeCAM machined

Mold and Die - Secure Surface Machining Technology.

As the world’s mold and die markets continue to expand, advanced surface machining capabilities are rapidly becoming a prerequisite for market leading CAM systems. To meet these requirements EdgeCAM 5.0 employs a suite of surface machining features collectively known as Secure Surface Machining Technology. This new technology employs advanced surface machining algorithms for improved performance and reliability, greater accuracy and gouge free machining.

The following mold and die surface machining features are fully incorporated in EdgeCAM 5.0:

Z Level Roughing Parallel Lace
Z Level Finishing Constant Cusp Finishing / Drive Curve Finishing - new cycle in advanced surface machining license
Project Toolpath Project Boundary
Collapse Project Flow Curves
Project Circular Pattern
Combination Finishing

Mold and Die - Rapid Toolpath Regeneration

Rapid Toolpath Regeneration EdgeCAM 5.0 significantly increases the speed of toolpath regeneration. By storing the current work activity in a cache memory, EdgeCAM selects only those areas of the working part that have been changed and regenerates the associated toolpath accordingly. The toolpath does not need to be completely recalculated, saving the user time and increasing overall productivity. Rapid toolpath regeneration is particularly useful for large and complex parts making it a valuable feature for mold and die applications.

Prismatic and free-form machining

When a native Parasolid part is opened in EdgeCAM, it is maintained as a solid model.
Feature Finder automatically interrogates the solid model to find machineable features, which are then efficiently machined using EdgeCAM's extensive range of Prismatic and Free-Form Surface operations

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